Night streets

“…Pictures taken at night often take on a more creative and inviting look than daytime pictures due to the creative lighting that illuminates the scene—as illustrated by these two pictures taken of the Ice Hotel near Quebec, Canada. That’s one reason why I like to shoot at night.

When I shoot at night, I always tote a tripod so I can shoot at slow shutter speeds without camera shake, which can cause blurry pictures, I set my ISO to 400 and my White Balance to Daylight (because I like warm tone pictures).

I use my camera’s self-timer, which avoids camera shake that may be caused by pressing the shutter release button.I also use the camera’s noise-reduction feature, which is a better way to reduce digital noise in a file than reducing noise in the digital darkroom. However, like all in-camera noise-reduction features, it slows down the time between taking pictures, sometimes several seconds. Therefore, I plan my shots carefully.

Night photography, due to the often wide-contrast range, is a time when RAW files are the best choice because they have a wider exposure latitude than JPEG files.

As always, I check my camera’s histogram and overexposure warning indication to make sure I have a good exposure…” (Rick Sammon)