OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell

I want to suggest you an interesting non-fiction book, Outliers: The Story of Success written by Malcolm Gladwell.


I have heard speaking about it as the manual for people who want to become famous and conquer the success.

From my point of view, it tells, in an extraordinary way, how to become expert of what you are doing and consequently hit the big time.

Extraordinary, wise and intelligent people are cited. In a nutshell, you can find the stories of everyone who had reached the limits of human possibilities even if, the core of the book is represented by the demostration that the “size” of a person derives not only from its talent but from a set of other factors, such as childwood, friendships, culture and even the place of birth.


I was impressed by the section dedicated to the 10,000-hour rule. Observing excellences, such as The Beatles and their lives shows, or Bill Gates at work since he was a child – but there are also exemples of sportsman and finance tycoons – Gladwell demonstrates that the infinite repetition of a gesture gives an absolute naturality to the person who executes it, and it is one of the element that contributes to create an “outlier”.