The Bridge Connecting Fashion, Education & The City

A great industrial pavilion and metaphorical bridge connecting two cities (Florence and Milan), countries, cultures and continents.

The installation created by Polimoda in Via Tortona builds a bridge between the past and the future (of Fashion), between two positions and two institutions, but above all is the starting point for a debate that proceeds with error and deconstruction of the past, in order to devise a bridge to the future.

At the entrance a 30m slanting wall cuts the space in a physical and temporal manner


On one side the past, with an installation of historic costumes made by Polimoda students, revisiting classical forms.


On the other side (of the wall) is a group of experimental outfits looking to the style of the future.


A series of photos – three shots by Ruggero Lupo Mengoni – are repeated in a geometric module along the wall and show the relationship between dress, architecture and the city.  Photos characterized by the minimal and geometrical space that refers to the architecture of Santiago Calatrava.


On the other side of the wall are scripts by Danilo Venturi, author of the book “Luxury Hackers.” The text is an invitation to all the visionaries to confront one another and initiate dialogue through Q & A (Questions & Answers), a bridge to overcome the limits and boundaries of the city, connecting different opinions and even conflicting opinions to bring new life into the fashion industry.


The installation of Polimoda is a “statement” that aims to reflect upon how fashion is changing, upon the link with the city, and therefore on education.  The theme will be further developed with the debate MOMENTING THE MEMENTO ahead of the IFFTI conference (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes) to be held in Florence in 2015, at Villa Favard, the new headquarters of Polimoda.


Milan and Florence are now linked by a bridge; acting as a meeting point during fashion week for designers, writers, researchers, photographers etc., connecting with buyers, retailers, fashion companies and the media.

A wall is not a limit, but a horizon.