The String Republic Corp.

The story begins in summer 2004 when Stéphane Bucco (aka Sockho), sitting on the terrace of a south-eastern café, notices a young lady wearing espadrilles.

He recognizes the espadrilles of his childhood, the ones his grandfather used to buy for him every summer. His soft nostalgia feeling adds itself to the feeling of surprise when he notes how these cotton rope shoes, despite their rudimentary confection and overall simplicity, fit the young woman’s elegance perfectly.

Espadrilles, despite being forgotten or devalued by old preconceptions can be very attractive footwear. Stéphane, who had been wishing for some time to get outside the boundaries of his job as a graphic artist, imagines how the cotton surface of these espadrilles could serve as canvas for his creativity. If classic espadrilles can look nice, espadrilles with a stylish, bold and coherent design will be magnificent. Stéphane creates the String Republic brand to give life to this project.

The String Republic spirit was born from the idea that graphics can make any everyday object beautiful and original. Thus the String Republic brand started out by giving its espadrilles a new, younger look.

Following this very successful first experience, String Republic has already begun new ongoing adventures (Archibald or Frenchies) and will not impose any limits on its future artistic and aesthetic experiences!