Trails and Ways

Trails and Ways is a two members band composed by the  vocalist and guitarist Keith Brown and the percussionist Ian Quirk. In 2011, Brown and Quirk were joined by Hannah Van Loon, who plays keyboard , guitar and violin and the vocalist Emma Oppen.

The band style is a mix of bossa nova, pop, jazz and afrobeat.  The song “One Note” is representative of the Trails and Ways’ music. Brown played in many samba bands in Brazil and became disappointed with the way that bossa nova songs were translated into English – they were too literal and missed the point of the music. In order to capture the bossa nova influence, Brown originally wrote songs in Portuguese and it is expectable that Trails and Ways first full-length album, Trilingual, discusses language and communication and is written in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Brown is also politically active. Temporal, the band’s latest album, is inundated of politics. From the first lyric, Chills, the band turns the social disease of the modern era into a personal narrative.

One of our favorite single is Nunca, wrote by Brown while living in Brazil and part of the album Trilingual. It’s impossible to not love the sincere feel good nature of the song!