“Unknown Pleasures” by Peter Hook

The story of Joy Division told by the co- founder and band’s legendary bassist, Peter Hook.

After his previous book The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club hailed as one of the best music books of 2009, Peter ‘Hooky’ Hook tells the inside story of his life with Joy Division.

Godfathers of the alternative scene, Joy Division reinvented rock in the post-punk era, creating a new sound. Inspired by the attitude, energy and sound of Punk, particularly the Sex Pistols, Peter Hook, his old school friend Bernard Sumner with a gifted lead-singer and lyricist, Ian Curtis, and a brilliant drummer, Stephen Morris, started a band which continues to influence popular music.


The book’s title Unknown Pleasures is the same of the debut  studio album by Joy Division, released on 14 June 1979. The album sold poorly upon release, but due to the subsequent success of Joy Division with the 1980 single “Love will tear us apart”, Unknown Pleasures has grown in popularity.


Credit photo Pennie Smith/Idols

Hook talks with eye-opening candour and reflection about the suicide of Ian Curtis: often seen as the “intellectual one”, to Peter and the band he was just “one of the lads” and the burden of balancing his epilepsy and the demands of his domestic life only really emerged when it was too late. He covers the band’s friendships and fall-outs; their rehearsals and recording sessions; and the larger-than-life characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division legend.